I am attempting to separate my business email (which uses ZCS) from my personal account (which for the past few years shared the same email on ZCS) to Gmail.

I've read the best way to do this, at least on the GMAIL end - is to connect it via IMAP (which I've done) then to drag folders over from the email client (in this case for me it's ZCS).

Now, from within ZCS the folders are moved via drag/drop or right clicking on a folder and selecting "Move to", however nothing comes up in Gmail - It appears just to be "Moved" locally and not really copying/moving these over to Gmail's server. This is true for folders large in size, small folders, or even single messages dragged from my inbox in ZCS to a folder or inbox on Gmail.

Anyone else have experience working with Gmail and ZCS together who may be able to help? I'm not looking to move everything, just some folders in there entirety, and others for specific emails which I could drag to to respective folders on the Gmail IMAP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I could not find anything about this specifically already in the forums.