We're currently migrating our organization's calendar system from Sun Java Communications Express (which uses an .ics format) to Zimbra. We have been noticing an issue with recurring event migration, specifically ones that had been created on the old system in daylight savings time and continue on into "standard time", and vice versa.

What happens is that, once the "switch" happens, Zimbra adjusts the time of the events as per what the switch adjustment would be, and not just keeping the original time (for example, we set up a recurring appointment on the old system back in July, once every two weeks at 2pm, and recurring forward into the next year; once we migrated that over to Zimbra, the recurrences after the switch to EST in late October are now showing up at 1pm, and not 2pm as they are supposed to).

Has anyone else here had an issue of a similar nature? If so, how did you fix/get around it (if you did)? We do have a ad-hoc solution in the works (just notify the affected users of their mistimed appointments and have them fix/re-make them in Zimbra themselves), but if we could actually fix it in the import, it would be better.

Thank you,
Trent Di Renna