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Thread: Can i running Both server Runnnig?

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    Default Can i running Both server Runnnig?

    I have previously installed Postfixes/dovecot/Openwebmail in Fedora box .my domian name is with Public IP Address

    on other machine i have installed zimbra Open Source 5.x with Public Ip adress and now i want to run with same domain name ?? will it Possible to have tow host name in Same network ,??
    when some will send email to username@mydomian ,weather my both servers receive it possible??

    weather i nead to use proxy feature of zimbra but how???

    in initially stages i want to Run my previous email server to running due to some company policy .

    Please give me alternative rather than this.

    thanks .

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    Split Domain - Zimbra :: Wiki

    In primary config you provision all accounts on the zimbra server as well.
    In secondary config you don't have to provision every account since it's a catchall.

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