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Thread: iMail Address Book Migration

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    Default imail ver. 10.01 to zimbra

    First off This a BIG Thanks to Raj for helping me with my imail to zimbra migration!!! He spent his time and resources to make his tool work with version 10 of Imail. Without his help I would be stuck recreating hundreds of user's accounts and domains. Thank you Raj!!

    I have tested the imail2zimbra application with creating domains, users, aliases and forwarding and it works great. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to import address book information, but I don't need that functionality.


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    @ Kraig: i am glad it worked for you.

    @dank: the addressbook in imail 8.x > is moved to MS Access and my tool has no idea what to do with it (YET)..not that i cannot code it, i am just tired to imail screwing up with stuff that works (i.e: old way of saving address under each user folder in a txt file)
    they using IIS and MS Access (13 years old technology) and there are hundreds of MS Articles and posts about the fact that MS Access is "not" a multi user DB..but i guess imail developers dont like to read "google" or may be its banned in there company.
    i am glad i moved to zimbra 4 years back.

    * i am sorry guys who want to move address book from imail to zimbra (ver > 8.x) help right now. but all other stuff something better than nothing

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    raj I appreciate your time and effort in this matter! Question, could I download the 30 day trial version of the newest imail, let it convert my address books for me, then use your tool to switch to zimbra?

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    Hello guys,
    I know I'm resuscitating an old post, dated 2009, but I'm in the decisional proccess of adopting Zimbra in place of IpSwitch.
    I'm trying to move 5 medium-size mail domain from an existing IpSwitch to a brand new Zimbra.
    There are now 267 accounts, all of them using Outlook ads client (some of them with POP and the most using IMAP).
    What would you recommend to migrate all the accounts?
    I read about tools developed by Raj....are they compatible with my IMail ver 12?
    Thanks in advance for your help

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