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Thread: [SOLVED] Preparing new Zimbra with Domain and Mailboxes

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    Iīm testing Zimbra since 3 Month and would like to migrate our very old Mailserver to the Open Source Edition 5.018.
    Hopefully my question isnīt too stupid

    I would like to prepare the needed Domains on the Zimbra-Server and then bulkprovisioning the accounts. No problem so far.

    The old server has @first.xy and the Mailboxes with the DNS MX assigned

    The Zimbra has for example one.xy, zwo.xy domains and now also first.xy configured.
    When I try to send a mail from Zimbra name@one.xy to name2@first.xy then Zimbra tries to deliver locally and not to the DNS MX-pointed old server.

    Is there a possibility, to make sure alle mailboxes to migrate can be on the new server without interfering with the boxes on the old one?
    I tried to deactivate, suspend etc in the admin-interface but this doesnīt change the behaviour.

    Thank you in advance


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    This looks good to me. I didn´t know the Term Split-domain for it.

    Thank you, Raj, very much for your quick response.

    Zimbra is in fact a very good product and its community too. This makes it easy for me, to offer the network edition in the near future too.


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