Hi guys,

i need to migrate about 35 users (all with BB) from a server (with a specified host name) ZCS 5.0.9 to a new server (with another hostname) ZCS 6.0.1

I've seen all the guite with the TGZ files, i've tryied with my account and i miss a lot of attachment (cause java outbound index array)..

Also, i need to keep alive all the two server untill all the users are migrated with mails/contact/calendars and also BB.

For the BB problem, the only solution is to install a new BES server that point to the new ZCS6 server (i've a migration SRP so I can do this). But I cannot migrate all 35 users in one shot, so I need to keep alive the old server.

I also don't need to share MX record, because the domain on ZCS is only to activate blackberry, the real domain to receive emails is setupped as external account on ZCS with a fetch of 1mins (also each user have the canonical name that point to the external account domain), so I can switch MX record nat temporanely to activate BB on the new BES..

Now, there is a solution to keep sync all the mailbox (also contact/calendar) for each user until the migration of its account his done? so I can also delete the account on BES side and don't export the account only when i need to start migration to save time.

Hope to be clear on my explanation and sorry for any errors (i'm italian and my english is not so good )