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Thread: Imapsync confusion

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    Default Imapsync confusion

    I followed the wiki Imapsync from courier-imap/postfix without passords. I am trying to migrate accounts without requesting or reseting the users password. My only confusion now is knowing where zimpassfile1 and zimpassfile2 resides from the following command below:

    /usr/bin/imapsync --buffersize 8192000 --nosyncacls --subscribe --syncinternaldates --host1 \
    --user1 migrate1 --passfile1 zimpassfile1 --host2 --user2 --passfile2 zimpassfile2 \

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    From memory you can supply quoted "/path/to/file" in the parameters you run IMAPsync with, but it might be easier to locate them in the same directory as the perl script and then run the script from that directory as well.


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