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Thread: [SOLVED] New to Zimbra - Master Address Books ?

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    Question [SOLVED] New to Zimbra - Master Address Books ?

    I am new to ZImbra and still am not sure if I should disturb my working email system (postfix/dovecot), ldap, mailscanner(SA, calmav) to Zimbra.

    I have a master Ldap address book I would like to migrate to Zimbra. I would like to have the same date available to all users. I am not sure how well this would work in GAL vs shared address lists between individual accounts. Any suggestions on migrating and organizing my contacts for group use would be appreciated.


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    Does this master address book include contacts not hosted on the zimbra server? The GAL automatically will include all Zimbra users on the server.

    If you wanted to include external accounts in the GAL you might be able to do that by using the "Both" mode for the GAL, and setting the external to a LDAP server that has all the contacts not hosted on Zimbra directly.

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