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Thread: Odd extra field in some contacts post 5.0.18 -> 6.0.1 migration

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    Question Odd extra field in some contacts post 5.0.18 -> 6.0.1 migration

    I'm seeing an odd field showing up in some of my contacts, and it doesn't seem
    to correspond to anything I can see.

    It shows up as:

    Other: *PLMO*<RGT>8=AAAAAAAA</RGT> YomiCompanyName

    (See screen shot.)

    I can remove the field from each contact, although that's a pain, but I'm more
    curious where it came from.

    I filed a bug, but I'm wondering if anyone else has seen it or has some insight.

    bug: Bug 41712 – Weird field in contacts after migration from 5.0.18 to 6.0.1

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    This issued occurred to at least one of our accounts during an upgrade from 5.0.24 to 6.0.8 (network edition). We're looking into the full impact. So far we've found one account where 36 out of 170 contacts have the Yomi Company Name field populated with *PLMO*<RGT>8=AAAAAAAA</RGT>.

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