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Thread: getResturl skips mails without any warnings!

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    Default getResturl skips mails without any warnings!

    I'm trying to migrate mail accounts from:
    5.0.13_GA_2791.RHEL5_64_20090206123226 CentOS5_64 FOSS edition
    6.0.0_GA_1802.UBUNTU8 UBUNTU8 NETWORK edition
    using getResturl and postResturl. The export and import with this accounts seems to do well, but after a comparison some mails are missing on the new server!

    The problem is with getResturl on the old server because the missing email never gets exported to the .tgz file.

    zimbraFileUploadMaxSize and zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize are set to 50MB on each server.

    Really need this to work fast, so i'm begging for some good answers asap

    Thanks in advance.

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    Could this be caused by mailboxes that haven't been reindexed for a long time? It may look like the old mails that is 'missing' isn't seen by the user on the old server either. So maybe it's just not indexed right and the physical mails isn't at the old server either(just shows wrong in cli?) ?

    When i compare mails on old and new server I only use CLI. (zmmailbox -z -m user gaf)

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