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Thread: ldap export/import?

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    Default ldap export/import?

    Dear All,

    i'm following article from : Exporting and Importing Zimbra LDAP Data » Zimbra :: Blog for export/import LDAP data.

    my environment is : (active , 5.0.18 oss) (testing, 5.0.18 oss , newly install)

    and encounter some problems below:

    1. when i dump LDAP data from active server, i got this warning message:
    $ openldap/sbin/slapcat -f /opt/zimbra/conf/slapd.conf -l /tmp/ldap.ldif
    The first database does not allow slapcat; using the first available one (2)
    2. when removing openlda-data/* , i got this warning message:

    $ rm -f openldap-data/*
    rm: cannot remove `openldap-data/db': Is a directory
    rm: cannot remove `openldap-data/logs': Is a directory
    (should I remove openldap-data/db/* and openlda-data/logs/* ???)

    3. when importing to "testing server" , i got this message:

    $ openldap/sbin/slapadd -f /opt/zimbra/conf/slapd.conf -l /root/ldap.ldif 
    The first database does not allow slapadd; using the first available one (2)
    bdb_db_open: Warning - No DB_CONFIG file found in directory /opt/zimbra/openldap-data: (2)
    Expect poor performance for suffix .
    any advice on this?

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    rm will refuse to delete directories unless you use the -R option. That post appears to be rather old, probably from the 4.5.x release, 5.0.x has a few directories within the data directory.

    As for the errors I can't provide too much help there sorry

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