I am having issues with the Groupwise migration wizard relating to access to the Groupwise accounts. The log gives no information other than it can not login to any mailbox, but it is clear that the trusted application mechanism is not working. No trusted application has been created (when I look in ConsoleOne). I know that there is nothing wrong generally since I have another application "Archive2Go" from Advansys Corp and this creates a trusted app with no problem. I also have BES for Groupwise which uses a trusted app with no problem either. There is no issue with permissions either since I am the administrator of this system and have pointed the wizard at the folder that contains the domain files as required.

I have asked support to tell me what app name the wizard tries to create and where it would store the key returned by GWTAPP.DLL in case I can use an external tool to create the trusted app (BES comes with such a utility).

They asked me to capture HTTP conversations but I don't see how this is going to help in this case?

Do any of you experts out there have any ideas?