I am planning to migrate from Qmail/Courier-imap v4.1.1 to the latest OpenSource Zimbra GA. I have a few accounts that I would like to move over to the new setup. Reading through the posts, I am sensing that a lot of people recommending to utilize IMAPSYNC script to migrate existing e-mail accounts.

My initial efforts resulted in an empty IMAP folders with errors related to date format in the header. Tried searching through the forum and no one seems to yet doubt with this particular error in this particular release... Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Courier-imap v4.1.1

imapsync --buffersize 8192000 --nosyncacls --subscribe --syncinternaldates --host1 --user1 client1 --password1 clientpass --host2 --user2 client2 --password2 clientpass2 --noauthmd5 --folder Inbox.Jobs --debug

++++ Looping on each folder ++++
From Folder [Inbox.Jobs]
To Folder [Inbox/Jobs]
To Folder Inbox/Jobs does not exist
Creating folder [Inbox/Jobs]
++++ From [Inbox.Jobs] Parse 1 ++++
++++ To [Inbox/Jobs] Parse 1 ++++
++++ Verifying [Inbox.Jobs] -> [Inbox/Jobs] ++++

+ NO msg #4 [R7k4uMKC0mCiZgQLnmzYeg:12320] in Inbox/Jobs
+ Copying msg #4:12320 to folder Inbox/Jobs
flags from: [\Seen $NotJunk]["21-May-2002 11:37:52 -04:00:00"]
Couldn't append msg #4 (Subject:[Delivered: Admin]) to folder Inbox/Jobs: Error sending '13 APPEND Inbox/Jobs (\Seen $NotJunk) "21-May-2002 11:37:52 -04:00:00" {12320}': 13 BAD parse error: invalid digit in date string

F message content ended on previous line
================================================== ==============================
internal date from 1: [30-Dec-2003 19:25:26 -0500]
internal date from 1: ["30-Dec-2003 19:25:26 -05:00:00"] (fixed)
flags from: [\Seen $NotJunk]["30-Dec-2003 19:25:26 -05:00:00"]
Couldn't append msg #101 (Subject:[RE: Greetings!]) to folder Inbox/Joseph: Error sending '110 APPEND Inbox/Jobs (\Seen $NotJunk) "30-Dec-2003 19:25:26 -05:00:00" {6116}': 110 BAD parse error: invalid digit in date string
Time: 7 s
++++ End looping on each folder ++++
++++ Statistics ++++
Time : 8 sec
Messages transferred : 0
Messages skipped : 0
Total bytes transferred: 0
Total bytes skipped : 0
Total bytes error : 2178889
Detected 101 errors