Hello Zimbra-Team,

i migrated yesterday a Zimbra to 5.0.20 Ubuntu8_32 to 5.0.20 Ubuntu 8_64 and upgraded to 5.0.21 Ubuntu8_64.

there seems to be an error on Network Edition: Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit Server - Zimbra :: Wiki or i made an error.

zimbra_logger_mysql_password should get modified in localconfig.xml
but what is about: mysql_logger_root_password ?

the migration worked, but without the logger. so i modified the both values above in localconfig.xml to 32bit version and copied over /opt/zimbra/logger/db/data (even the Server was already running a night, but i think i loose some hours of logging then)

There did exist an second error. I am not sure if there was imapproxy installed on Ubuntu 32, but it isn't needed on a single machine.
so it didn't get installed on Ubuntu64.
On startup with "zmcontrol start" the script is asking for
password of zimbra with su, after starting mailboxd ( then complained about missing memcached and nginx) but it needed a key-pressure!

then i searched how to disable imapproxy.
there's also an error on Zmprov Examples - Zimbra :: Wiki

as disbaling imapproxy isn't done with:
zmprov -- -zimbraServiceEnabled imapproxy
as this command comes out with an errormessage i found:

correctly it is done with:
HTML Code:
zmprov -- ms server.example.com -zimbraServiceEnabled imapproxy
in Zimbra Status now is listed imapproxy isn't running, with a red x

best regards