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Thread: Date and Time Offset Issue in Migration

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    Default Date and Time Offset Issue in Migration

    We converted a client's e-mail and their old server used a GMT offset in calculating date/time. It appears that all old messages converted using GMT time and not the calculated offset.

    My questions are:

    1. Are there fields in the database we could parse and change to correct the times?

    2. If so, what and where are they? Can we write a script to do the math?

    TIA, Mark

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    Have a look at this document:
    Account mailbox database structure - Zimbra :: Wiki

    By changing the date column, you can change the date shown in the list view. However, I'm not entirely sure where it pulls the date from when one actually displays the message. There's also a change_date column that I didn't play with, or it could be pulled right from the blob.

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