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Thread: Absolutely stuck on Exchange migration

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    Default Absolutely stuck on Exchange migration

    Hi there

    I could really use some help.

    I've been trying to use the Exchange migration tool to move accounts over to Zimbra and I'm stumped. I've searched Google high and low with no success and I'm pretty good at sleuthing out the solutions

    I'm using the Network demo version for now. Not sure if that makes a difference.

    Let me outline the steps I've taken and perhaps someone can point out where I've gone wrong.

    1. I created new user on Windows 2003/exchange server. A new exchange email account was automatically created.

    2. I've given this user every permission imaginable: administrator, enterprise admin, mail operating, domain admin, etc.

    3. this user also has Receive As and Send As permissions.

    4. I setup up a VPN to the server from my workstion and created a new Outlook profile.

    5. I launch Zimbra migation tool and:
    - connect to the zimbra server
    - select the domain I want to migrate too
    - select the MAPI profile
    - connect to the Exchang server with this profile which it successfully does
    - connect to the Exchange server
    - Click Object Picker

    This is where I run into problems.

    Obect Picker gives me this error:
    The Program cannot open the required dialogue box because no locations can be found. ...try again.....Failed to initialize Object Picker.

    AD Query Builder does this:
    Base DN: Browse is unclickable....nothing at all happens.
    Filter: The Directory Service is currently unavailable.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Something else

    I should add that I'm not logged onto the domain. I'm on a workstation outside the domain, outside the office.

    After talking with a friend, he said I need to be logged on as part of the domain using VPN. He's probably right.

    I will give that a try and let you know.

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    We are in the middle of an exchange migration and here are the steps we are doing.

    Using exmerge, we dump the users email to a pst
    Brick Level Backup of Mailboxes by using EXMERGE

    Grant Full Mailbox Rights to an Administrator on Exchange
    Grant Full Mailbox Rights to an Administrator on Exchange 2000/2003

    We open the pst in outlook, to make sure there are no folders with a '/' in the name - if there is - they will not be imported, by zimbra's tool.

    On a pc joined to the same domain that exchange resides on - we run the zimbra pst migration tool. If the PC was not on the domain, the migration tool would ask to credentials in order to download all the data.

    Be sure that outlook.exe process is not running prior to starting, otherwise, the tool gets confused about what pst to import, and could import the wrong pst (although it says its importing the proper one) - we learned this one the hard way.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    You must be logged in same domain to get object picker work. Another issue might be with server address name resolution. Can this server be resolved properly by DNS server which is used by migration machine? You may try to add the IP:ServerName mapping in local hostfile to be sure.

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