I'm planning a 12 user migration from MS SBS 2003 to Zimbra... I cannot wait to get rid of Exchange. And with the release of v6 we've already decided that Zimbra is "the one".

I've got some quick questions though:

1) When I add an additional domain to a Zimbra server (Network Edition Pro) it basically creates a new vhost so the server can be accessed at https://whatever.newdomain.com, correct? Where whatever is a DNS A record. However if someone tries to access that using their browser then they'll get an SSL error as the SSL cert will belong to a different domain eg: mail.originaldomain.com
Is there a way to install an SSL cert for additional domains to prevent users of the other domain from getting SSL errors?
Obviously these SSL errors extend to using IMAPS/POP3S/SMTPS with Thunderbird as well.

2) I know that Zimbra (Yahoo!) Desktop runs using Mozilla Prism. But is it possible to just make a Prism runtime of our regular Zimbra interface? This will give users a recogniseable icon/window in the taskbar to be able to access the AJAX UI. Zimbra Desktop has way too much Yahoo branding for use in a corporate environment IMO, even as small as our business.

3) In a 12-15 user environment, would it be acceptable to have Zimbra installed on a software RAID 10?
Or is Zimbra on software RAID a total non-starter?
We currently don't have a hardware RAID card available for this machine. It's a quad-core Xeon X3360 with 8GB memory so it's got enough grunt to handle software RAID overhead, I think.
We have a 3Ware 9690SA-8i installed in our NAS box but that's a RAID 6 so it helps to have the parity calculations performed by the hardware card.
Can we get away with software RAID 10 in our Zimbra box?

Cheers, Ben