First of all, let me acknowledge that I am stupid for letting my problem get this far, but having said that, perhaps someone will have pity and help me out.
I have been running and loving ZCS FOSS for a couple years now as a home email server (just my wife and I) and I am now faced with the inevitable.

My Ubuntu 6.06 LTS box died (Bad mainboard I think) and it appears that the data drive containing the Zimbra directory has a bad SUPERBLOCk or some other mysterious Linux File System issue, which means I can't mount it and copy the ZCS folder off to allow restore of ZCS on a new box. I've tried FSCK on Hardy Heron, with the data drive connected via USB adaptor, but that doesn't seem to work.

I have all my data stored on a Windows laptop, but it is locally cached Zimbra Desktop 2.0 Beta, and of course the data Export features are NOT working in this version, at least not for me.

There are a handful of important email folders and some documents that I would like to rescue but seems like I am stuck since I have no backup of ZCS directory and the original hard drive wont mount for me on another box now.

Is there any hope of getting my data out of Zimbra desktop and back into a new ZCS server installation?

My Particulars.
Running ZCS FOSS 6.0.1 on Ubunto 6.06 LTS
Data is locally cached on ZD 2.0 beta, but data export not working.
Have created a new ZCS 6.01 installation on new 6.06 LTS server, but ZD 2 Beta wont sync with it becuase of account ID mismatches.

Any help would be appreciated.