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Thread: Problems with migration

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    Question Problems with migration

    Hi forum,

    I'll explain my situation:

    I have a Qmail server with the domain, and, I installed the new server Zimbra with same domain (

    I migrated some users to my zimbra server.

    When I send an email to my domain, that email is delivery in my Qmail server and my Qmail make a copy and redirect to my zimbra. This work fine.

    I'd like that when someone send an email to my domina ( using zimbra, the email be delivered in my qmail server (not local, only zimbra).

    What I need to do? Is this possible?


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    I would contact your DNS hosting company and change my MX records to point to the server(s) that host my Zimbra service. This way all main will go directly to my Zimbra mailbox and not my G-mail account.'

    Another way is to make a domain alias( dont forget to change those MX records) and have all Mail sent directly to the alias.

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