A while back I switched from Thunderbird to Zimbra Desktop for accessing an IMAP server I have here. The IMAP server pulls its contents from an Exchange server, runs it through procmail to sort it into folders, and then publishes the result to Zimbra. The reason I had this abstraction before was that I regularly use two machines, and each had its own Thunderbird instance.

With Zimbra Desktop I changed my modus operandi a little bit. I started using a single ZD instance on one of the machines, and then using an SSH tunnel to get to it through a regular web browser from the other machine. This also works fine.

What I've been wanting to do though is eliminate the IMAP server in between and just make it all ZCS. I could then access ZCS from each machine and everything would be fine.

My old machines were:
IMAP - Ubuntu 6.06 on MS Virtual Server (on a 2k3 VPC server)
Vista - Runs ZD service and accesses it using Firefox
XP - Tunnels to Vista and uses Firefox

What I want to do is this:
ZCS - Ubuntu 8.04 x64 on vmware (running on Win7)
Win7 - Browses to ZCS using Firefox
XP - Browses to ZCS using Firefox

That's all more or less straightforward (and I've accomplished most of it), except that I was using ZD with multiple accounts.

Now the problems start... I want to have two separate email accounts like I did with ZD -- each with their own incoming server and outgoing SMTP to relay through. Incoming doesn't seem to be an issue with the multiple account support per user in ZCS (and ability to send as any email, fetchmail would still work, and so on...) but outgoing seems like it might be an issue. I didn't see any obvious way in the admin UI to configure it to relay to this SMTP for this account and that SMTP for that account.

Unfortunately this is the only way these accounts will work, so I'd have to set up yet another SMTP relay with those kinds of rules if ZCS can't do it.

I guess my question here really is: am I going about this the right way? Is what I'm trying to do sane? Or is there a better way to handle using Zimbra Desktop from multiple places without an intermediate IMAP? (i.e. maybe I should just eliminate the IMAP server anyway, and there's some setting to tweak in ZD that would make it allow remote connections with a password?)