Hi everyone

We are currently running SBS 2003 and we make pretty big use of the Public Folders, about 20GB of mail is stored in them. We're a small business of 11 users and I'm gradually migrating us to Zimbra NE (cannot wait to get rid of Exchange!)
I was planning on creating a company@ourbusiness.com Zimbra account, importing all the mail into that account and then sharing that account out to our Zimbra users.
But the problem I face is getting that mail out of Exchange Public Folders, as I'm guessing the regular Exchange Migration tool will only work for Exchange mailboxes.

Anyone got an elegant solution to this?

I think my only option is to create a temporary mailbox in Exchange, move all the mail from the public folder into that account, then migrate that account to Zimbra using the Exchange Migration tool.

We're currently using the NE trial but will be going for the Starter Pack of 15 NE licenses once the trial runs out.
Does the admin@ account count towards our allocation of 15 mailboxes?
Just wondering if I should use the admin@ account to share out our Public Folders mail/calendars, rather than creating a new company@ account

Cheers, B