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Thread: Using Domino Migration wizard (error)

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    Default Using Domino Migration wizard (error)

    While attempting to use the Domino migration wizard I get to the part where the wizard is contact the Domino server and it errors saying"Failed to get the Notes version....." I am trying determine why this happens as it can connect and auth to the LDAP portion - which is the same server...any thoughts?

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    This error is shown when migration tool is not able to connect to domino LDAP. I guess you are getting this error on "LDAP server information" dialog when you provide the domino ldap name, port, user DN, password and base DN. Is this server name resolvable (by DNS)? The user must have admin rights which is been mentioned in "user DN" option. Is this server really visible from the migration machine?
    To verify the LDAP connection,You may try to use any open source LDAP browser and be sure that it can connect to mentioned LDAP.
    Please attach the log file if mentioned points doesn't help.

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