First off, forgive me if these are really stupid questions, but I am not seeing what I need in the help screens or the Wiki. I am a new Zimbra User. We just installed the open source version this weekend and I have now downloaded the desktop client on my desktop (I am a Windows XP user). I use an Iphone currently for my calendaring and sync it with my outlook calendar via MobileMe. (We do not use an exchange server) Since we have the open source version rather than the Professional version, it does not appear that I can use any of the built-in Iphone compatibility features. I believe my best option is to migrate my calendar to the Zimbra calendar and access it using Safari. After that long intro, here are my questions:

1. Am I correct that I cannot use any of the Iphone compatibility features with the open source version?
2. How do I import my calendar from Outlook?
3. Does anyone have a better suggestion for accessing my calendar?