Good morning all,

I am currently migrating around 80 users to ZCS 6.04 open source edition.
So far have migrated around 20 users and am starting them out on the web interface. Aside from the usual "resistance to change" I have been able to address most of the issues through retraining staff. There is one issue though that could be a show stopper on acceptance of Zimbra in the workplace.

Staff here will commonly place hyperlinks to files on shared network devices that are mapped as drives to their local machines. For example R:\directory name\file name.doc

On both firefox 3.6 and internet explorer 8 Zimbra does detect these as links but when you hover the mouse over the link the url displayed is "about:blank" and of course when you click on the link it opens a blank browser window. What would be ideal is if they click on the link if it opened the file or directory the link is to preferably in windows explorer.

Does anyone know a solution to this problem - to be able to open the network share through firefox and IE.

Apologies if this has been addressed earlier (havent been able to find it) does anyone know a solution to this issue.

Eg when i go to migrate the CEO if this is still an issue i will have to switch all back to exchange, and i would kind of prefer not to do that.

Thankyou in advance