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Thread: Domino to ZCS: Unknown exception occured, skipping to next mailbox

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    Default Domino to ZCS: Unknown exception occured, skipping to next mailbox


    We're trying to do a test, moving one domino account to one Zimbra account. The account is created successfully, the domino ldap access seems to work fine, and also the access to zimbra with admin user.

    But we have: Unknown exception occured, skipping to next mailbox in log just when the wizard shows "Replicating folder hierachy".

    Lotus version is 6.5 and Zimbra is Network Version 6.0.5. We've tried selecting and no selecting several options (junk-mail, deleted, contacts, calendar...).

    I attach the Wizard Log. Thanks in advance.
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    I've had some similair issues with Lotus databases - usually running compact -b,fixup -j solves the problem

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    ttortosa, it seems that migration tool is crashing at some point and generating the core dump (at C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\CONFIG~1\Temp\ZCSDominoMigrat ionWizard-6.0.5_GA_2213\ZimbraCore_03242010_133611.dmp) which is used by developers to find the exact cause of crash. I would suggest you to raise the bug and provide the access to generated core dump with log file. If you are a NE customer, feel free to use the Zimbra support channel.

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