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Thread: IBM Lotus Domino LDAP Name in TO Field

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    Default IBM Lotus Domino LDAP Name in TO Field

    We are doing a test migration from Lotus Domino to Zimbra 6.
    When we use the migration tool to transfer mail and contacts the to and
    from appear as LDAP strings if the message was to/from a local domain user.

    See attached picture. Is there any way to fix this? I know if i wanted to i can do a imapsync from the domino to zimbra but i would need passwords and i don't want to trouble 400 users for their password.

    HELP i would love to switch my company from lotus to zimbra!
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    What is strange when I run imapsync on the same account the from / to fields are fine. What would cause this? Better yet how can I prevent it?

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