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Thread: [SOLVED] Domino Migration - Forward Domino Users to Zimbra

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    Default [SOLVED] Domino Migration - Forward Domino Users to Zimbra

    I have a existing Domino 8.02 server that handles all mail for our domain. I am doing a slow migration of users and want to basically setup so that a group of users email on the Domino server is forwarded to the zimbra server. is domino server active mail server is zimbra

    here is what i want to do

    mail arrives on for a certain user then
    gets redirected to to the zimbra server

    anyone have experience setting that up? i am new to domino. I know how to do it with postfix via transport maps but don't know how to achive this with Domino.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    What you're looking for is probably a Split Domain set-up.


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    Doing a similiar migration here - what we're doing is setting a RULE in each users mail database that "For ALL DOCUMENTS" "SEND A FULL COPY TO" fine.....

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    Yes, i had already setup the split domain I was just wondering how you setup transport mapping for domino.

    After doing a lot of searching through IBM's horrid documentation here is what ended up working in the end for anyone doing a slow migration to zimbra from domino.

    Lotus Domino Administrator 6 Help - Transferring outbound Internet mail to an SMTP server over Notes routing

    Thanks to all for the help

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