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Thread: sinlge node to multi node migration

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    Default sinlge node to multi node migration

    hi all

    i have a 6.0.5 single node running as my mail server... i have setup a multi node 6.0.5 (1 ldap, 1 mailbox, 2 mtas)...

    i did a full backup on the single node 6.0.5 and copied it over to the new mailbox server... but when i attempt to do a zmrestore it says:

    Error occurred: no such account: Account ID for user@domain not found in backup

    am i doing something wrong here?
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    Welcome to the forums

    Are the server names for the mailstores the same ?

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    thank you uxbod!!!

    yup the server names for the mailstores are the same... i'm referring only to the hostname and what's under /etc/hosts... they do resolve differently using dns... i'd like to add that all these machines are vm's (if that helps identify anything)... the single node server runs on xen while the multi node servers run on kvm...

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