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Thread: Migrating Meetings & Booking Rooms

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    Default Migrating Meetings & Booking Rooms

    We can migrate meetings in just fine. Unfortunately, our migration of resources is running in a somewhat more difficult fashion. I have finally gotten us to the point that I can migrate a meeting in to someone's calendar with a resource as one of the attendees (so the resource gets booked) but the resource doesn't see it until the owner clicks on the message and choses "save", which of course sends a message to the meeting room and books it.

    This is all very well and good, but I can't go through 500 users' accounts as part of the migration and click "save" on every single meeting. Is there a command line tool that I can use for this? I'd expect it'd be something in zmmailbox, but I'm stumped as to what.

    Alternately, is there a useful tool where I can import an ICS file and have it auto-propagate to two users' calendars at once? (The resource and the organizer.)

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    Further information - this is what we're doing to generate things, which will hopefully make it clearer what I'm after:

    zimbra@mailboxd:> zmprov
    prov> sm <organizer email addy>
    mbox> postRestURL /Calendar /tmp/meeting.ics
    ## meeting.ics contains the meetings, with everybody set to need to
    ## RSVP
    mbox> syncFolder /Calendar

    ## At this point, the remaining problem is having the "save button" get
    ## clicked in each meeting in the web interface, which sends the
    ## notification out to all the folks to be scheduled.
    ## How we do that without logging in to the web client, I do not know.

    I'm thinking a workaround would be to perhaps have all the accounts that we're generating meetings for temporarily share their calendars with admin so we can click through the lot, doing a lot of "save" - we can do that if we *have* to, but I like to think there's better things to be doing with my weekend after the migration...


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    OK, we've found something of a workaround. If we import the new meeting without a UUID and then export it again and import it into the Resource, it maintains internal consistency *and* shows up on the resource calendar.

    But does anyone know the timestamp format for getRestURL?
    gru --startTime 20100410T010000 --endTime 20100410T230000 /Calendar
    outputs the whole calendar altogether, ignoring the timestamps.

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