OK back at it with this Lotus migration. Running into a snag and don't know if someone has seen this but here is what i got.

Lotus domino server is the current mail server i will call it
I have a new zimbra box setup for testing that is not the public mail server

I have a migrate catchall domain on the zimbra box

so recap

domino (xyz.com)
zimbra (zwm.xyz.com) catch all is set for user@zwm.xyz.com

in domino i have zwm.xyz.com setup as a foreign smtp domain and for the users i want to test on zwm.xyz.com i have their account set with a mail forward to username@zwm.xyz.com from domino to zimbra.

Which works just fine

the issue i am running to is current lotus users that aren't forwarded to the zimbra server when they send an email to the lotus user that is forwarding to the zimbra server it shows their address as username@zwm.xyz.com (aka their set forward address in domino). How do I change it so it doesn't show the users forward address.

Once again i know this isn't a zimbra issue but i just figured there was a nice chunk of people that dealt with this before in a split migration setup.