Hi ,
We have 2 MTA servers with 2 proxys

In the migration wizzard, In the hostname of zimbra server , i put the hostname of the MTAserver of the user

When i run the wizzard,i have this error :

23-04-2010 15:17:42 [3224]: Work arrived...Stxxx/AxxxS stxx@axxxeu
23-04-2010 15:17:43 [3224]: Logging to ZimbraPublicServiceHost wm1.a.....com:7071
23-04-2010 15:17:43 [3224]: Logging on to zimbra server (a..mtaserver.axxxx.dom:7071)
23-04-2010 15:17:44 [3224]: RPC Error:- WinHttpSendRequest failed. The RPC request is logged as C:\DOCUME~1\xxx\LOCALS~1\Temp\ZCSDominoMigrationWi zard-6.0.5_GA_2213\2-RPCErrorRequest.xml
23-04-2010 15:17:44 [3224]: RPC Error: Unable to connect.

The wizzard seem try to connect to the zimbraproxy on admin port (7071) but i don't work

I would appreciate your help