Hi, in this thread I would describe the method we used to migrate mail from Lotus Domino 6.5 to Zimbra 5 (this is applicable to Zimbra 6 also).

The problem:
We can't use Zimbra migration tool because 1) the html emails was imported badly (the imported mail is more different in layout from original), 2) there is a problem with the address of local senders or local recipients thet wasn't imported correctly.
We use imapsync for the migration.

The big problem:
With more users the imapsync import fails because lotus close unexpectedly the imap connection (no errors reported by lotus).

After many test we know that the problem is Lotus. To resolve this issue and to import messages without problems we have adopted this method:

1) From Lotus Notes (admin privileges) -> Address Book -> Change the user preferences and set up the default message format to "Prefers MIME"

2) From Lotus Notes (admin privileges) replace the user database design to Mail(R6) taken from the mail server (not from the client).

3) Shutdown the Lotus Domino Router from the Domino Administrator: "tell router quit"

4) Compact the user db from Domino Administrator: "load compact userdb.nsf"

5) Fixup the database -> from the lotus domino console (not the Domino Administrator) launch: "fixup userdb.nsf" (if you have a linux server first go to folder notesdata and after launch the "../program/lotus/bin/fixup userdb.nsf")

6) From Domino Administrator launch "convert -e userdb.nsf" to prepare the db for the imap

7) From Domino Administrator launch "conver -h userdb.nsf" to add to all messages the imap headers (may take some time!)

That's all, now use imapsync to transfer the mail from lotus to zimbra.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.