(I've searched around a bit to try to accomplish what I'm looking for, here/google/etc)

Long story short, I have an existing 5.0.8 [NE] install, with a license expiring at the end of this month, that is now used as an archive (company switched to Exchange a year ago), and I was looking for a way to script something to dump all the mailboxes out to .pst's. I've realized that isn't going to happen, so I was trying to find a way to dump them out to .zdb's. I've seen ways to get them to .zip or .tar.gz... but that's not quite the format I'm looking for.

Right now, most people have the Zimbra account as a separate (but non-sync'ing) imap mailbox in Outlook.

I've taken a handful of accounts, loaded the Zimbra profile in outlook, exported the entire thing to a .pst, deleted the profile, set up the Exchange profile, and reopened the Zimbra .pst as an archive, but that's quite inefficient (especially with 150 users).

Before anyone asks--no, I don't want to use imapsync to bring the mail into Exchange... this is just for archival/reading old mail.

I'd like to be able to script something, that I can run, dump out all the mailboxes to .zdb, and release them to users on a per-request basis.

Any help/ideas would definitely be appreciated.