I am on the way to migrate my mailserver to zcs -6.0 on CentOS 5.4.

1.What is the best method to migrate mailboxes from ZCS-3.0 to ZCS-6.0?

2. I have also try to write a php script to copy the mailboxes, but I am not able to access the details of the mailboxes. Please see:

$src_mbox = imap_open("{}INBOX","test@testdomain.com","123456", OP_HALFOPEN)
or die("can't connect: ".imap_last_error()."\n");

echo "Processing mailbox\n";


============= Output===============
Content-type: text/html
X-Powered-By: PHP/4.3.4

resource(1) of type (imap)
Processing mailbox
object(stdClass)(5) {
string(37) "Fri, 21 May 2010 16:51:18 +0530 (IST)"
["Driver"]=> string(4) "imap"
string(84) "{
["Nmsgs"]=> int(0)
["Recent"]=> int(0)

================================================== =

In output I have seen that something wrong in Mailbox information. IIt is showing <no_mailbox> instead of INBOX.

How can I correct this