Hi, I'm doing migration from old Postfix system to Zimbra. I followed article in Wiki about split domain setup and made my new Zimbra server as smarthost or email gateway. MX record points to Zimbra. I have created all accounts on Zimbra server and made zimbraMailTransport them to old server. Made old server to relay all mail through Zimbra. So far so good.
Now I'm migrating one account. I made local zimbraMailTransport for this account, imapsync'ed mailbox, deleted account on old server. Everything works except one thing. When users on old server are trying to mail this migrated account, old Postfix server responses that there is no such account. It doesn't try to relay this "unknown" mail because it knows, that it is from our domain and there is no such account in our domain anymore.
One thing, of course, is to make transport entry for every migrated account in old server. Haven't tried yet, but i think it will work that way. But how would i migrate accounts from Exchange or some ISP controlled server where I can not play with transport maps.
Maybe i missed some point of split domain setup. What am I doing or thinking wrong?