So, this is in regard to the OSS version.

I've upgraded my install a few times as new releases are made, but I cant help thinking that things may be better with a clean install, so I get to thinking that it may be nice to simply install from fresh and then somehow bring the data across.

I think this could be done, but I'm unsure how. Perhaps if I recreate the accounts from scratch on the new install and then use imapsync to bring the mail over (dont know how to use that yet though) but then calendar data etc becomes an issue.

Is there an easy way to add the data to a fresh install in this way, or should I just give up?

for info, one of the reasons I'm considering this is due to the problems with the daily reports, which still dont work on version4, I'm sure the zimbra team will say it does work, and that's exactly why I want a clean 4.0 install rather than the messed up version I have now.