Good morning!

I'm trying to get a handle on what a migration might look like if we select Zimbra as an alternative to our current Exchange 2003 environment. First, we would have a pilot with a subset of users and then a migration that would probably take a month or so.

Currently I've got Zimbra set up in our test lab in a split domain configuration. Mail flow between Zimbra and Exchange is working like a charm so I'm not really worried about that during this extended pilot and migration. What I'm concerned about is public folders. We use them a lot in our Exchange environment for project and resource calendars. I've modeled that in Zimbra using a hierarchy of shared calendars which I've mounted to the user accounts. (Very cool!) But is there any way to keep the data in sync between the two systems while the pilot and migration is underway?

Both the public folder on Exchange and the shared calendar on Zimbra are mail enabled. Can you send email updates between the two so that when one is updated it shows up on the other? I see the "Forward calendar invitations to these addresses" in the account properties; will that forward calendar requests to the public folders? Is there a similar function in Exchange that I'm not seeing without enabling moderation?