Hey all,

We seem to be having an issue with migrating a user. Some appointments simply will not come over. We're using the Exchange Migration Wizard, and have tried on both 6.0.5 and 6.0.7.

The source system is Microsoft Exchange 2003. We noticed in the migration logs several entries like this:

warning: Appointment with Uid[040000008200e00074c5b7101a82e0080000000010ba8772b4 83ca010000000000000000100000006150365b7e567d468173 d4c4975d19f4] has already been migrated, hence skipping it.

Even though the calendar was completely empty before starting. The only reference to this warning I see in bugs is a resolved issue back in version 5.0.7.

Any help is appreciated - typically this is our CEO having issues, and he uses his calendar extensively!