I have to migrate from ZCS 5.0.15 Solaris to another 5.0.15 (also Solaris)

My users have expressed the explicit desire to have everything migrated (settings, tasks, calendars, signatures, unread mail counts) so after some experimenting with various migration scripts on the forum/wiki/blog, I think I found a rather simplified way -for me- to pull it off

1) export from LDAP ou=people, dc=domain, dc=com to an LDIF and import that in the new server

2) mysqldump all dbs and import the sql file

3) rsync the entire store

I tested this and it allowed me to transfer seemingly everything; the mailboxes I checked with users, seem to have been transferred competely

I'd like to have however confirmation if this if this will break something or if I overlooked something since it feels to me that this method is akin to open heart surgery with an axe.