Hi All,

Firstly - to Zimbra - thank you for a great product! Starter Ed is an excellent move forward and the addition of Mobile Sync is very welcome.

Migration (MS Exchange 03 to ZCS Starter (NE) 6 via exchange migration wizzard) has gone well in our small house (9 mailboxes) with one minor hiccup which sadly we just noticed after switch over (doh!).

All the calendar items have moved 2 hours forward. Time zones are set correctly and were set correctly in Exch. My only thought is whether Daylight Saving has caused the problem? (i.e. an appointment set for 09.00 GMT Daylight, has been read as 10.00 GMT Daylight + 1 hour and ZCS has applied another +1 hour daylight)

Does anyone have any insight on how to fix this using a reimport of the calendar? If not, is there a way to move all items -2 hours to fix the issue without having to do it manually?