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Thread: Migration of mails- wrong date in webmail

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    Default Migration of mails- wrong date in webmail


    We have migrated to zimbra all our mailboxes. The problem is that webmail shows wrong date in messages. The date is the exact day when we migrated the mailbox. Inside the message the date is ok.

    At the client (Thunderbird/Outlook), it downloads all the messages again, having duplicated mails at the computer.

    How can we avoid downloading again all the mails? We have mailboxes with thousands of mails.-.....


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    What method did you use to migrate the mailboxes? If you used something like Thunderbird, appending '/tb' at the end of the usernames will preserve the timestamps. If you used imapsync, make sure to use the --syncinternaldates option.

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    Default imapsync

    we have used imapsync with the option you mention.

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    Did you get this resolved. I am having the same problem with the dates, though I actually just used the external email account import option.

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