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Thread: Moving Company from GoogleMail to Zimbra

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    Default Moving Company from GoogleMail to Zimbra

    I am working for a company that is currently using GoogleMail for all its corporate email and we want to move to Zimbra. Everyone wants to see all their content (email, calendar, contacts, files), using the web interface, exactly as it is on Google. Most of the users do not with to use an email client and almost all email is retained for historical purposes.

    I am not expecting to get everything but do need to get all email and attachments transferred in a very reliable manner. Contacts and Calendar stuff can be re-created as far as I am concerned. There are approx 40 user accounts with some using almost their entire 7.5GB of allocated space.

    I also need to make sure that when the MX records are updated to our server that no messages get lost or sent to the wrong server (Google).

    Whatever I do I intend to test with a few small accounts first.

    Is this a reasonable expectation?

    What are the recommendations and things I should watch out for doing such a migration?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can use imapsync (see wiki for examples) to sync the accounts from Google to Zimbra.

    There is a (commercial) alternative, Yippiemove. That will do the IMAP sync from their servers behind the scenes. The price may be a bit high for your tastes - not sure if you have a budget for it. I had a very large Gmail box that I wanted to sync over (100,000+ emails, about 6 GB), and it worked quite well. Much better than imapsync at least.

    I'm sure there are other alternatives, but those are the two that come to mind.
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    If you have a running install of Zimbra . You can create the users & check with some users . Also you can register & get the mail for some users redirected on to zimbra server.If everythig is Ok. If all goes well As you migrate you can make all users of google a/c to forward to zimbra .In the end you can change to MX entry .You need
    to ensure that you properly configure spam related feature in zimbra .

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