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Thread: Email Address wrong format

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    Default Email Address wrong format

    I'm trying to migrate an old exchange 2000 to zimbra.
    I'm using zimbra migration tool from zimbra homepage.
    I've tried migrate just one account and apparently all the mails and folders were copied ok.

    The only problem is that under exchange, the users email is something like: but zimbra is creating email addresses like The user alias are ok (first.last) but when I try to send a new email, the address in the "from field" is and not How to I change this?

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    Welcome to the forums,

    So both username@ and first.last@ are valid address on the account already? Then from the ZWC in the account itself visit preferences tab > accounts area > add persona button.

    This will make it available as on option on compose, and you can also specify rules as to when to use it/configure it so it's always the primary choice.

    (Alternatively you can remove the first.last@ alias, rename the username@ > first.last@, then add username@ back as an alias instead.)

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    Default Mapping Exchange User IDs to ZCS User IDs

    According with Appendix A* About XML files used in the Migration Wizard I can use usermap to do that, but it's not working. Apparently migration tool is not recognizing the file. I don't know if I'm using the correct sintaxe. I hope I found a solution because renaming all the accounts by hand is not a solution.

    <ZimbraAccount>user1firstname.user1lastname@xpto.o rg</ZimbraAccount>

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