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Thread: Replacing zimbra server with new server - how to?

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    Default Replacing zimbra server with new server - how to?

    We currently have one Zimbra mail server running 3.1.2_GA release. We would like to go with a primary/secondary Zimbra mail server setup using two identical servers.

    Because the current server is not configured ideally (from an OS perspective) , we would like to setup a new server (with optimal OS configuration) which will become the primary running the latest Zimbra 4.0 release and then import all of the mail/calendar, etc. data from the currently running server to this new server. The plan would then be to blow away and completely reinstall today's server (after having everyone on the new server for a week or so).

    1) What is the best method for accomplishing this? Should I install 3.1.2_GA on the new server, import the mail data from the existing server, and then upgrade to 4.0? or can I install 4.0 directly on the new server and import data from 3.1.2 files?

    2) What are the necessary steps for saving the current data on the current 3.1.2 system and importing this to the new server?

    Any pointers, links, or references to any documentation that describes what I am trying to accomplish would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi kbourn,

    I understand, you want to backup from the current server and restore on a new one and then eventually use 4.0. This is already covered under backup and recovery threads.

    Here's what I'd suggest:

    1. Setup your new server and make it perfect from "an OS perspective".
    2. Ensure that it has the same hostname. (might not be needed, but to be on the safe side)
    3. Provide the same IP address as provided to the server you are currently running Zimbra.
    4. Install the same version of Zimbra on it as is running currently
    5. Stop Zimbra on the new server
    6. On the new server mv /opt/zimbra /somewhere/else
    7. Change the IP of the new server to something else
    8. rsync to the new server using switches/options that alow you to maintain symbolic links, permissions and ownerships using the newly changed IP address.
    9. Stop the current server and bring it off-line.
    10. Change the IP address of the new server to that of the server on which zimbra is running currently.
    11. Start Zimbra on the new server and get it online.
    12. If all's well, upgrade it to 4.0.x
    13. Once upgraded, check if all's well.
    14. If all's well, you can re-install the current system.


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    (Yet another ZIMBRAN!)

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