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Thread: Exchange 2003 Migration Fails - What am I Missing?

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    Default Exchange 2003 Migration Fails - What am I Missing?

    Agghhh.... I've done this before while testing, and now I cannot get the migration wizard to work! I've been pulling my hair out for 2 days on this - now I am looking for some help. I know it must be something simple, but my brain is fried and I must just be overlooking it. Basically when I run the migration wizard, I get a bunch of errors and it quits out. I've checked the permissions on the exchange MAPI account - they all seeem to be in order. Attached is the log file from the failed migration. Hopefully someone here can look through it and give me some ideas.

    I'm using ZCS 6.0.8, Open Source Edition on 64-Bit CentOS, and Exchange 2003.


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    Would it be possible to provide the generated core dumps for analysis of problem? you can mail me the url in private message so that we can take it offline.

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    Thanks for providing the core dumps. The core dump analysis shows that crash is occurring in Outlook DLL (OLMAPI32) which may be due to corruption of Outlook installation. Could you please repair the Outlook and if problem still persists, could you try on some other setup for verification?
    The pointed crash stack trace is as follows:
    0331f7b0 39144fea 3918db5c 30303030 0331f874 OLMAPI32+0x51c8a
    0331f7c8 39145be8 38f383f7 38f38adf 00000000 OLMAPI32!HrCreateReadOnlyStreamOnBinary+0x162
    0331f840 004575b1 0217cc28 0331f880 0331f874 OLMAPI32!WrapCompressedRTFStreamEx+0xdc

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