Hi Guys,

I'm not sure if this should be a migration type post but bare with me.

I am looking to move from OpenXchange to Zimbra when the Network Edition trial period ends and we have finished testing it. In the meantime, to get users using and testing Zimbra for me, it needs to be 'live', i.e. I need to have their mail arriving there so trusted users can use it instead of OX. Unfortunately I cannot turn off the OX server until we have successfully migrated all users and their Contacts, Mail and Calendars over.

So, the simplest thing seemed to be to use the OpenXchange function to forward all mail to the Zimbra server whilst also still delivering it to the Users on OX.
You might wonder why I am asking this on the Zimbra site and not the OX one but again, bare with me!
I have activated the forwarding (Mail Routing) section of OX and pointed it to the IP of my Zimbra server as directed in the OX manual. (I think it uses Qmail for this).
However, it never arrives! There is no error at either end and the firewall and SeLinux are defintely turned off on my CentOS 4.4 based Zimbra server.
This is Network Edition version 4.0.1 of Zimbra.

Any obvious answer for this before I get back to work tomorrow and start poking around at the OX end. (Their Forums are pretty crap and their Support non-existent)