This sounds really simple and stupid, but to my utter and total amazement, there is ***NOTHING*** regarding this subject in the documentation or via countless hours of Google searching.

Software updates?

I mean, I know Zimbra *checks* for updates, but what about actually installing the updated versions?

Example, I am running zcs-6.0.8, while zcs-6.0.9 is now available. Of coarse, I know I am getting notifications about this. And the documentation explains the *checking* of updates, there is literally nothing regarding INSTALLATION of these updates.

I downloaded the latest 6.0.9 this morning, but what do I do? Is there an argument to Or is there an undocumented (or un-indexed) zmcontrol command that does this for me?

In the Linux world, we have this concept of package management: "apt-get dist-upgrade" and "yum upgrade". Just a hint to the Zimbra Devs ;-)...