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Thread: upgrade not terminated properly

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    Default upgrade not terminated properly

    ....the problem mentioned below is solved. I simply restarted the script again, this time the update worked flawlessly, most parts of zimbra work again. I only have to reapply a few patches necessary for vserver operation (mostly replacement of references to here and there).


    Hi all

    I tried to upgrade my vserver-based zcs-3.1.4_GA_518.FC4 to zcs-4.0.1_GA_324.FC4. All modules could be installed properly, but at the end the procedure failed to upgrade my data store.

    Before upgrading, the system forced me to modify the /etc/hosts file to something that does not work within my vserver. Because I have a linux-vserver, I cannot put a " localhosts" entry in my hosts file. zcs-3.1.4 worked fine with my alternate hosts file with one single line: localhost.localdomain localhost v-zimbra.milnet.lan v-zimbra

    ...but the install script did not like that. So I had to modify this file temporarily to make the install script happy, but then reverted back to the version shown here.

    Now when I try to launch the admin panel, I get
    javax.servlet.UnavailableException: Data version mismatch. Reinitialize or upgrade the backend data store.
    at com.zimbra.soap.SoapServlet.init( 118)

    I would not mind to lose all data in the data store as long as I can keep my user accounts; this is a test installation anyway. How can I try to perform this "data store upgrade" by hand or reinitialize the data store for use with zcs-4 without losing my configuration/my accounts?

    Thanks for any help and best regards
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