I have reviewed the documentation regarding migrating 32-bit ZCS to 64-bit, and given that the migration is mandated (albeit slowly) by Zimbra, I was expecting a MUCH more automated process for migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit.

The ZCS installation scripts have been robust and reliable as I've moved from version to version on Community Edition and Network Edition over the past 3 years. It is obvious to me that the Zimbra folks have the capability to automate many more of the manual steps in their official migration document. Much of the info that you're supposed to manually make sure is identical on your source and target servers is information handled without any user intervention on normal upgrades. Their current set of suggestions is too error-prone for something the typical systems admin is only going to do once.

Does anyone else feel that Zimbra needs to provide a higher level of supported tools to facilitate the move to 64-bit?

Improvements that come to mind:
  • Provide a script to gather info on 32-bit machine that needs to move to the 64-bit machine
  • Script could also walk user through steps that should be manual (copying store/index/db)
  • update the ZCS installer on 64-bit with option to take info gathered from script run on 32-bit and run with it