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Thread: Import Wizard for Outlook: Error Connecting

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    Default Import Wizard for Outlook: Error Connecting


    I am trying to connect the Import Wizard for Outlook with Zimbra and I am receiving the following error:

    Connection to https://.... failed... The handle is invalid.

    Could someone please offer assistance. I can't get any of my .pst files imported.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Need to know more about your configuration. I assume this happens for all .psts> Are you trying to log into a remote machine? Perhaps you don't have administrator rights? Also, what version of the OS are you running? There have been some hotfixes that have addressed similar issues.

    If it's just one .pst, perhaps a scanpst on that would help.

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    I figured it out and have several .pst files uploaded into Zimbra now. I was using the https://999.999.999.99 and I only needed to put the IP in ... so once I dropped the https:// at the beggining of the IP address I was able to get in and start importing. So far it is a breeze. Having other issues that I am addressing but I am sure I will get it all figured out.

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